I am an energetic person who loves anything fitness and food related!

Fitness became part of my life when I graduated as a Master Trainer – Cert IV in Fitness – through The Australian Institute of Fitness back in 2004.

I have always loved music and movement so I naturally was drawn to teaching classic Aerobics at the start of my career. Now you will find me teaching exercise to music classes such as barbell classes like RIP ® or BodyPump ®, marital arts inspired classes like WAR ® , Aqua Aerobics and classes with a focus on mind-body connection. I also love outdoor training and running group sessions outside in a boot camp style work out.

Since diving into the world of Personal Training I have helped many people start their journey towards successful change. I truly believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to fitness and always love being able to customise my approach to all my clients.

My knowledge and skill is always growing and I have studied Nutrition Coaching through a fantastic company Precision Nutrition ® . My goal with clients is to help them change important behaviours and habits in relation to food choices for the better and for the long term.

I am very passionate about what I do and strive to do my absolute best for anyone needing my help. I want to help educate people about the importance of looking after yourself through movement and nourishment of the body.

Today I want you to move and nourish your body – treat it well for it truly deserves it!

Kasse x

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