Get more out of your body! 5 minutes - 5 movements!

Mobilise in five

Our bodies were designed to move in all directions and in all planes of movement - not just up, down, forward and back

Our bodies were designed for movement - not to sit and type for hours on end. 

However, for most of us (including myself!) this is just a reality of our working week as well as a way to stay social and be in touch with friends. 

Moving my body in a variety of different training styles is so important to me and helps me physically thrive and stay injury free. I just couldn't imagine my week without it! I love yoga, weight training, Pilates, HIIT cardio, boxing and even some bodyweight movements like Animal Flow® 

If you have ever trained with me or attended any of my group classes you will know how I like to prepare everyone's body for movement..... and it is not by walking on a treadmill for 5 minutes. 

I have chosen these 5 mobilising movements to help you get started and maybe you find you get some more space in your body and work through some areas of tension. There are MANY ways of preparing the body for movement but these are a great starting point and I have no doubt you will find them useful. 

These movements essentially are targeting your connective tissue - also known as Fascia. Fascia is important to look after and move on a regular basis. Not to get too anatomical but understanding how important connective tissue is in your body is very relevant here. My mentor John Polley (aka JP) brought my attention to the following quote when I went through his Next Level Mentorship Program in order to work on specialising in movement and fascia.  So, understanding connective tissue in a nutshell;

"It joins your thigh to your calf; your hand to your arm; your breastbone to your clavicle. As you move, it allows your muscles to glide past one another. It acts like a net suspending your organs and a high-tech adhesive holding your cells in place while relaying messages between them. Connective tissue is one of the most integral components of the human machine. Indeed, one could draw a line between any two points of the body via a path of connective tissue. This network is so extensive and ubiquitous that if we were to lose every organ, muscle, bone, nerve, and blood vessel in our bodies, we would still maintain the same shape: our “connective-tissue body.”

(Helene M. Langevin, May 2013) (Strolling under the skin)


Wow! Amazing right?

So I think it might be time to give your connective tissue some love!

These 5 exercises will only take you 5 minutes once you are used to them - maybe less! 

The idea is to perform them before any kind of training or movement. Maybe before you hit the weights room or maybe before you go for your daily walk. Any time of the day is good! 


So try them out and do them as often as possible - give your fascia some love today!

Watch the video below and I will take you through them. Sorry it’s a little dark in the video! I promise I’ll get better at this haha


Would love to hear how you do with these! Please comment below or ask any questions!

Kasse x





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