Get out of your comfort zone!

Ahh the comfort zone.......

It's such a great place to be! Well, that is only the case if you are happy with where you are at and don't want to strive towards any changes or major developments in your life.

I find that this is never the case. I have worked with many different people since entering the wonderful world of the Fitness Industry and you always meet people wanting to make a change in their lives. Whether that be gaining fitness to enter the running competition they have thought about for years or shedding the unwanted weight that has zapped their confidence and made them feel like they are not themselves anymore.

Most of the time we all have something on our minds that we would like to do better at or change - this is fantastic!
What have you done about it lately? ....

When I work with clients wanting to make changes I always advise to choose small actions that are achievable - even if they seem ridiculously tiny! At one of my last check in appointments with a weight-loss and lifestyle client the task she set for herself was making a phone call ....

Yes, a phone call! Not even anything fitness or nutrition related. This was set because it was something that she had been putting off as it made her feel a bit anxious and uncomfortable - awesome! And you know what? She did it! She put herself out of stall mode and into drive and asked the question out loud, got it off her chest, put it out there to the universe and it made her feel pretty damn good :)

This one phone call has since been the catalyst for getting out of a bit of a rut and getting that mojo back. She is now exercising with vigor and determination, concentrating on eating her best foods for her HealthType® and at our last check in - had lost almost 2 kilograms!

All from one small action...

So what have you been putting off? Is there something that you need to do to get out of your comfort zone and work toward being a better version of yourself?

I work with everyday people wanting to make changes whether that be lifestyle, fitness, weight loss or a combination of them all.
I help people eliminate all the guess work to do with their health so they can thrive mentally and physically. To do this I use a program that completely personalises their journey to be their best self.

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Kasse x

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