Problems with aiming to have a body that is nothing like your own

- The problems with aiming to have a body that is nothing like your own - 


Your body type is developed in the womb – you are born with a body type and it does not change. Many of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to others and wishing that we looked a certain way or different to what we are currently.


The picture below depicts the ph360® HealthTypes® in their healthiest condition


Many factors affect whether you are in your healthiest state or not

  • The foods you eat – do they make you feel good?
  • The environments you are in regularly – do you walk through the door of your home and feel at ease and happy? Are you getting out into nature often enough?
  • The ways you socialise and who you hang out with – do the people around you encourage you to be your best self? Do they hold the same values as you?
  • Your thoughts – the mind is a powerful tool to happiness. Are you allowing states of calm in your day or is it full throttle all the time?
  • Your activity choice and level – when you move, do you do things that you enjoy? Are you getting a sweat up at least a few times per week?
  • The quality of your sleep – do you wake up feeling refreshed? Do you wake up several times in the night?
  • Are you engaged in work that is pleasing to you? Challenging? Bring you a sense of satisfaction?


You might look at the picture of the HealthTypes® and think – “none of them look like my body!” But as mentioned above, these depict the HealthTypes® in their healthiest condition. You cannot change your bones and the way your body is structured so one of these pictures will best represent your body in some way.


There are major differences in how your body responds to your environment and lifestyle compared to someone else.


For instance, the picture 1st on the left – this HeathType® will struggle to keep warm in the winter months due to their light structure and inability to hold onto too much muscle and fat mass, have a weaker digestive system, benefits from lifting lighter weights and using higher repetitions, best movements are yoga and dance based, benefit from slow mornings and do well with structure to their day to feel in control.


Compared to Picture No5 from the left – this HealthType® will not struggle anywhere near as much with the colder weather, in fact they tolerate cool and slightly windy conditions rather well. They will build muscle mass easily but are prone to gaining fat mass when their diet is poor and they are not exercising regularly. They need more time for digestion and can go a lot longer between meals, are naturally strong and can lift heavy, best movements are things they enjoy and will be good at like boxing, rowing, kickboxing and swimming, are night owls and do best with easy going mornings and thrive when they can structure their day according to their schedule.


So picture No5 will never look like picture No1 and vice versa no matter what fad diet or crazy exercise regime they take on.


But what they can do is work on their strengths and get clear on their weaknesses. They can accept that their body is the way it is and honour that by doing the things they enjoy and treating themselves with respect. 


Maybe you have no idea what the best move is for yourself?


Maybe you have tried many different ways of eating and exercising and still never been able to maintain any changes for the long term.


You are unique! Why not find out the best way to be living, eating, exercising and socialising for your healthiest self ever!?


I can help personalise your journey!


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