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    Health & Exercise Coaching

    Ph360® is the world’s leading platform in personalised health. By taking specific measurements that tell us about your body’s unique development and its current health status, ph360® can provide you with health advice, that is built for you! From the types of foods to eat, exercise that is best suited to your body, through to helping you understand your best sleep patterns and most effective ways to manage stress at home and in the workplace. It understands your unique brain function, to assist with the development of your natural strengths, communication styles and support with habit formation and adherence to goals. Providing a completely supportive, individualised and integrated approach to health.

    ph360 changes as you do, providing up to date information when your health changes or the environment around you (location, weather etc.), to keep you in best health. And, all of this information can be accessed through a simple, non invasive assessment in 30 mins, providing you with around the clock personalised health support throughout your life!

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