Online Training

Online Training

Programs are accessed via the app and online portal - My PT Hub
Using the app My PT Hub you can:

  • Watch video demonstrations of ALL of the exercises ensuring you are performing them correctly
  • You can log your measurement updates as well as progress photos
  • Each workout is logged and saved so you can always look back on what you have done
  • Statistics are calculated each time you log a workout - you can gauge how much time you have spent working out, how much weight you have increased in the gym etc
  • Workout reminders on the days of your scheduled sessions so you don't forget about them!
  • You can even create your OWN workouts in the app and save them so you can repeat whenever you like

Programs can be customised for you and your training style, whether you like to train in the gym, outside or at home. Talk to me today and work with me online to create a program that is perfect for you. I will help you stay accountable and keep you motivated - whenever you log a workout I can see what you have done, this way ensuring that you keep progressing!

A variety of done-for-you programs are also available for purchase 

  • Home workout 4 week program for beginners
  • 12 week fat loss program (gym based workouts)
  • 12 week coaching program - workouts and an email series of Nutrition education and practice of some essential skills

Click here for more information and/or to buy a package.

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